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Beauty Sleep Is Highly Overrated….right?

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Oh dear, it has been much too long my fuzzy-bun loving friends!!!  I have been really busy with Stella & Floyds and have had so much to do, I’m never really certain if I am coming or going these days!!!! There is one thing I do know for certain is that I prefer to think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

Allow me to back up and catch you up to speed!  Here at Stella & Floyds, my husband and I feel our boarders, daycares and four-legged guests should be allowed to treat our home as their own. This means that each pooch can decide on where they wish to lay down for a between-ball-chasing-session snoozer, or to take a serious nights rest at the end of a long day of tail chasing, fetch and rough housing! This has been our policy since we opened our doors and we have always upheld that motto no matter the consequence….in other words- droopy, dark-double(or in extreme cases, TRIPLE) bags beneath each HUMAN eye is a common pitfall! There are days that both my husband and I awaken looking more like “Bill the Cat” than a rested, refreshed human being. ***For those of you too young to identify with that reference, please do take the time to google “Bill the Cat”, and it will provide you with the perfect visual for what we see staring back at us from the bathroom mirror upon prying our eyes open at the crack of dawn to start our perspective days.

You see, as many hundreds of breeds of dog there are out there in the big ol’ world, there are just as many crazy  contortions that these dogs choose to lay their humble selves to rest at night…if they weren’t so cute, sweet and darned adorable….

I pretty much jokingly categorize my boarders into their perspective sleep-preferences.

There are are those that insist on sharing your pillow. This is most unpleasant, and generally becomes apparent when you have been “tough” and drawn the proverbial line at them laying their fuzzy heads on your silky, 1000 thread count sheets, only to wake up with your cheek moist from their drool pool.

Then there are the sneaky-snugglers. These are some of my very favorite! You know the ones that want to fit into every contour of your body and manage to wiggle their way anywhere they wish, by ever so slowly weaseling themselves as close to you as they can possibly be without actually BECOMING a part of you!.

Most of the big dogs I have for pajama parties, choose to crawl up all non-chalant and act all civilized by starting out the night sweetly respecting your space and at the end of the bed. This is all great and dandy!  Forcing you into a false sense of security–Ahhhhh….Glorious foot space!!!!  Unbeknownst to you, they have a plan.    An evil plan.     It is well thought out, and executed like a well trained soldier.   They patiently wait, see, (its all in the patient waiting.)   Wait for your breathing to become a little slower, a little deeper…..  Once they feel you are in a good REM pattern, they use their stealth-like ninja skills to slink their way up to the head of the bed, schmoozle their way under the blankets, ever so slowly….. once they have created a nice cocoon of warmth between my husband and myself, they surreptitiously slink between the covers and lay down. Their plan can only work as long as they stay awake! Alas, they must sleep and when they do….they stretch, kick, drool and lay SPREAD EAGLE between my husband and myself! Fuzzy legs & butt on me, head on my husband, pushing each of us to the very edge of the bed, clinging to the  last wrinkle in the sheet  to just stay ON the bed!  Dog…..tummy up, tongue lolled to the side hanging out, ears strewn in reckless abandon….

at least one of us is having a great nights sleep……..





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