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I need webbed feet or flippers

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I just had to share this little story. Yesterday was just awful with wind and near horizontal rain gusts that took my breath away and left me soaked, soggy and sad. I had just finished an hour long, arduously cold walk in the rain and wind when I slogged my way to one of my favorite two Rat Terrier  clients for the post lunch walkies. Now, I simply adore Rat Terriers in general and in particular the quirky fun personality of my pretty pink princess, Jacey! (she wears a beeee-ooooo-ti-full pink harness and leash when she prances outside for her walks, thus the clever name) Jacey is a very dainty girlie girl and knows just how to con you out of just about anything, a morsel of food, a kiss or the shirt off your back in a snow storm. Simply put, when it comes to wily ways, Jacey wrote the book!

Well, as I said previously it was a “typical” Seattle grey day and had been raining buckets for the last 3 days, I was cold, droopy and soaked to the skin despite my rain gear due to the wind.  I walked in, gave my lovies and scritches and put on their harnesses telling them each about how wet is was outside and how I couldn’t wait for the sun to make an appearance etc…

Upon standing on the landing by the stairwell I could foresee an obvious issue arising. Jacey looked at the rain, felt the wind whip her ears back flat against her tiny little head as she braced her dainty little shivery legs on the sidewalk, looked back at me and plain as day said with her squinty-eyed look, “you are crazy if you think I am going to place one toenail further into this hideous weather”. I stifled a laugh and tried to cajole she and Carson, her easy going partner in crime, (a more common sized Rat Terrier with a sweet, loving nature.)out into the driving rain. Carson sighed, acquiesced and stepped forth, leaning his head into the wind and sheets of rain simply to get down to business and back cozy in his warm bed. Jacey planted those shivery little legs, dug her toenails into the cement and again gave me the “squinty-eye”.  I pulled lightly on her pretty pink leash and harness and she had no choice but to move forward one begrudging toenail at a time. Now, I can honestly say, she spent 90% of the short walk to the closest patch of grass trying to float on top of the water and never had all her feet on the ground at one time. I even half expected her to sprout wings out of sheer will to not get her toesies wet and would honestly not have been shocked in the least.

The only time she seemed to think about anything other than dodging raindrops and driving wind was when she had to side-step a small puddle that Carson seemed intrigued by. She nuzzled him aside and stared deep into the puddle to watch carefully as a plump, waterlogged worm, slowly squirmed its way to the surface of the puddle. Realizing it was nothing but a silly worm, and of little concern, she used all her powerful 10lbs to literally drag me to her door while she stood shivering and wet waiting for me to unlock the door and get out the warm cozy towel in which to dry them off. She wound herself up in that towel, nestled and preened as I rubbed she and Carson dry, all the while telling them what “poor little babies” they were for having to endure such treacherous weather conditions. With a chicken jerky treat and a nuzzle or two she seemed to calm down and forgive me terrible wrong. Okay….honestly though I gave them an extra treat just to be certain there were no ill feelings….


Ahhhhh, Its been too long…..

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Wow, how time flies when you are busy and have family….I know, not having enough hours in the day is the bane of all our existence.  I find myself thinking that if I did not have  to sleep or eat I could get so many more things accomplished!  Oh the down side of being human….. actually, truth be told, I really, really, did I mention really? like to crawl into bed at the end of a long day and relax wedged on the very very edge of my bed clinging with my toenails and fingernails to stay on/in my allotted space because I have at least one dog that prefers to sleep spread eagle in the middle of the bed between myself and my husband in slumbering bliss. Neither of us have the heart to wake the dog and move them, so we suffer the kinks and crooks in our necks and backs. Don’t lie, I know that there are MORE than a few of you folks out there that do that too!

I end up waking up spooning with my fuzzy puppy Enzo more often than not! Or go in to give a good morning kiss to my husband to find a very fuzzy muzzle, waggy butt and  wet nose at lightening speed before I can even muster a full pucker! Sly little ones aren’t they?!?

Oh and to catch you up to speed, I adopted another Bergamasco puppy in January from New York, named Enzo. He is HUGE for his age, bigger than my Ante and full of energy and lighthearted mischief. I adopted him at 6.5 months old and he is now 8.5 months now.  He is all fuzz and happiness, but has had a few issues. He was a late bloomer, last one of a very large litter to open his eyes, walk, wean, eat solids etc. and thus suffered a little I imagine from his litter mates, which truth be told is the way of the wild…Having suffered this minor imposed “stationing” he was the scape goat for many of his litter mates and I feel probably an eensie weensie bit picked on for it. It has left him slightly fearful in new situations. I am training him to be confident by setting up win-win situations and socialization skills, with the guided help of a trainer. Shwew! Lots of hard work, but I am up for the challenge!  Pray for me folks!

I have also been asked to become a board member for the City of Edmonds O.L.A.E (Off Leash Area Edmonds) to help create a new off leash dog park in the Edmonds area that I have been frequently with my doggie clients! This park is PERFECT for a dog park, and has some gorgeous wooded trails….ah the possibilities. My husband rolls his eyes as I draw sketches of doggy toys, agility equipment as well as some trash and “poo bag” receptacles that are fun, fresh and fantastic!  Anything creative is my forte!  I am all over that! I will keep you all posted. Let me know if you have any ideas that YOU would like to see in your community dog park! Who knows, maybe we will feature it and provide you credit for it!




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