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And a very Merry Christmas to you!

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Well, here at Stella & Floyds, we had a good Christmas! The dogs I’m boarding now all got to model wearing their Santa hats and having their pictures taken. Some like this process much more than others and I have to admit, I worked up a sweat chasing around some trying to snap a photo while they are still tolerating the strange confining piece of fabric I had placed on their heads and then oogled with great excitement at how adorable they were. Let’s just say that they all have the little hearts of angels.

Ante, my dog, a 7 yo, rare breed Bergamasco Sheepdog, is used to me and the things that I do to amuse myself! He simply  humors me by putting up with it with the patience of a saint. Now THAT is unconditional love. I must confess, I have a habit of making up silly rhyming songs about pretty much anything. (This is not confined to my animals and boarders, oh no!, my kids and husband get to enjoy this little habit of mine as well!) These songs really make zero sense and more often than not, have creatively exhumed nonsensical words that simply roll off the tip of my tongue without thought. For example: Ante, spoo-spante-too-tante-poo-rante-to0-tante-roo-ante– spante-too-ante-roo-spante-too-oo-ooo” Sing it with me now!

Another fun activity is to braid his many flocks and place bright colored “pretties” throughout his hair or dressing him up as Bob Marley, complete with a pair of Jon Lennon spectacles, or my very most favorite– placing my bra on his head over his ears and calling him “my little Princess Leah”.  I know, you are thinking, “what a poor, poor dog”. You know, he just stares at me with this look that says, “I’m glad one of us finds great humor in this little fun game of yours”…..and then he gives me a look that clearly states “THIS is proof of how much I love you……”

Ante did get a good stocking from Santa today though! He got some yummy Bacon & Cheddar organic treats, a big, shiny, new, red kibble scoop, a new metal bowl,(because plastic or ceramic is too porous and can encourage bacterial growth from fuzzy muzzles) and his very most favoritist toy EVER….a Bottle Buddy! This week I took him to our local All the Best Pet Care and had him choose his favorite bottle buddy. When faced with the array of  “farm animal” Bottle Buddies he could chose from, this year he sniffed them all, extensively and chose the white sherpa sheep. Now, I must be very clear, this was NOT a decision he took lightly.  He knows the gravity of this decision and is greatly aware that one must NEVER take the choice of which Bottle Buddy to share your life with lightly. It is of the utmost importance, and Ante knows this, as NOT ALL BOTTLE BUDDIES ARE CREATED EQUALLY!!!!

Having shared our house and lives with many Bottle Buddies, the most durable, most protective and scrackly sounding Bottle Buddy is hands-down made by KyJen. Every dog client I have, has free access to the community toy box in my house, and they all know where it is. I rotate the toys weekly and use PawSafe Cleaning Solution to disinfect all the toys so we don’t spread ickies from dog to dog, and they all poke their nose in and schnuzzle in there until they find the toy they want. Inevitably when their nose hits one of the Bottle Buddies and they hear that heavenly “scrackly” sound, it is hands down, my most popular toy. (Allow me to preface that, by stating that a peanut butter filled Kong is a crowd favorite too, for pretty obvious reasons)

So, the day was filled with the wonderful sound of children’s laughter, dogs barking, a crackling fire,  and most importantly, the heavenly sound of a very loved   Bottle Buddy!

For a link to the best bottle buddies check this out,

Merry Christmas Everyone!


18 Day Old Bergamasco Puppies-MERRY CHRISTMAS

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This video was sent to me by Donna & Stephen DeFalcis of Silver Pastori Kennels.

I purchased my first Bergamasco from them almost 9 years ago and she and my male Bergamasco had two litters of puppies together. I was part of a program to bring the Bergamasco out of eminent extinction in Italy and was mentored by Donna and Maria Andreoli, the late Geneticist and author from Italy. We placed 17 puppies between the two litters across the United States and Canada. This wonderful video made me smile, warmed my heart and I wanted to share with all of you.

Please do ENJOY!


Poo & Pee around the Christmas Tree…..

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Oh what a joyous day! I woke up this morning to a not so pleasant smell. I lay there blinking in the dark of the room knowing when I get up I am going to have to clean up a mess. What a way to start my day! I know, you all wish you could be in my slippers this morning….

Usually for Christmas and any holiday really, I have no less than 6 dogs bounding and pounding around the house. Wiggly butts, cold noses and prime toe cooling moments are prevalent during the holidays, but this year I had to limit the dogs to 3. We had a leak from a dishwasher hose for God only knows how long, in which by the time we discovered it, our kitchen and dining room were pretty much a complete loss. Our small little rambler filled with love, was now filled with mold spores and water.  Our insurance company began “Mission-Dry Out Nealey House” and had a platoon of contractors, plumbers, drywallers, electricians and mold mitigators descend upon the house.

With all the people coming in and out, my boarders could wiggle their ways into areas of scary, uncharted territory. (Cue music…dun, dun, duh…….)My 16 year old daughters room was left unmanned. Now, had I known this, I would have called in for extra reinforcements, but I mistakenly let my guard down and sadly paid for it with many casualties.

Allow me to enlighten you, you see, my daughter is 16 and really prefers to keep her clothes on the floor in piles of assumed clean and dirty with slight crossovers at times. This is not because she does not have ample storage for her clothes, it is simply her way of organizing. I usually tell a family member when I have to venture into her room in case I don’t come out, they can send in a rescue squad.  I do not know how she finds anything in there, and am shocked at what I find discarded in corners, trash cans and under a pile of innocuous clothes when I am in search of something in particular. Not gonna lie, I say a little prayer before going into the awaiting “danger zone”.

SO, it wasn’t a super big surprise when I find one of my Rhodesian Ridgeback boarders in her room shoveling clothes around with her nose, obviously on a scent trail. Simultaneously a contractor called for my help and I left the scene…if I had only known what I know now, I never would have left.

After approximately 15 minutes, I return to my daughters room to find that same dog with the telltale signs of her having found the most wonderful treasure! Shreds of plastic sandwich baggie are strewn haphazardly around the room, and the part of the sandwich bag that wasn’t consumed had the disgustingly fuzzy, green mold remnants of a lunch meat, cheese and mayo combo. Oh how yummy. I quickly cleaned up the mess and ushered all the four-legged onlookers out of her room and under my watchful eye again..

Later in the evening I fell asleep watching TV with my head on the rump of Gracie (the moldy sandwich offender) and was rudely awakened by Gracie passing gas. The moldy sandwich clearly was making a comeback. I let her out with the rest of our crew, tucked them all in for the night and drug myself to bed.

Roughly 6 hours later, I woke up to the telltale offensive scent of an accident having happened somewhere in my home. It was just a matter of following my accosted nose to find the “deposit”. I wear contacts and it is fairly safe to say that I can’t see much without my contacts or glasses, but the desire to clean the source of that scent over ruled my desire to find my glasses. With the house being a disaster and ripped up to the sub-floors, you really have to pick a path through the mess and I began my blind stumblings.

Well, let us just suffice it to say that the dog pile, was much less of a pile, and much more closely resembled a puddle. That sandwich was taking its vengeance on us all. I cleaned up that mess only to step over some household debris and go barefoot, ice skating across my tile floor in yet another such dog “puddle”. I slid, contorted and pulled a breast muscle trying to catch myself on the wall. I am so thankful that no one was up to see me in my moment of crowning glory. My biggest fear was that I would slide into the Christmas tree and all my Christmas ornaments would come crashing down around us. Thinking back now, I find it sadly humorous that THAT was my thought at that time, not the fact that I had slid barefoot for at least 6 inches through dog poo.

To make matters slightly worse, I had cleaned up the plethora of messes carefully deposited around the house, washed my hands and poured myself a much deserved cup of coffee. As I sat down to cuddle with the dogs and talk with my son. The intact, male Portuguese Water dog, (23months) I am boarding, sauntered happily over to my live Christmas tree and peed on it! Here I go again!

Merry Christmas Eve to me!




Wags & Wiggles UNLEASHED

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Stella & Floyds UNLEASHED has arrived…OH lucky you!

I have been asked by many of my clients, friends and family to write a book about some of the things I experience on a day to day basis with the pets I serve and their people, as well as throw in a few snippets of my personal life  here and there…um…thought I would start here first, being that baby steps are so important.

With that having been said, I really feel it necessary to advise you now to grab your favorite drink, place those cute little piggies of yours in a pair of cozy, fuzzy slippers and buckle your seatbelt, because you are in for one bumpy ride.

My name is Julie Nealey, and I am somewhat of an animal enthusiast. Well, actually, scratch that…it might be more accurate to call me an animal fanatic. I absolutely adore anything with fur, a cold, wet nose, wiggly butt and eyes that pierce that warm little spot in my heart. Simply put, I am a sucker for cold, wet, morning schnuzzles in my slumbering eye socket while trying to sleep in past 9:00am. Its almost as good as the sound of my kids (when they were little) in their fuzzy little footie jammies, padding down the hallway with their teddy bears crooked haphazardly under their little arms, crawling into bed with my husband and myself for those few quiet cuddles before we hit the ground running for our daily dose of chaos.

I have been in the “pet care industry” in some form or another, for over 7 years, although just 2 years ago opened Stella & Floyds Professional Pet Care. I am convinced that a home is not home without a waggly butt and loving, unconditional eyes that are there to greet me at the door. (Shhhhh……don’t tell anyone… I can not love my husband of 20 years any more than I already do, but no matter how many times he waggles his butt at me and stares at me when I come home, I just don’t get the same feeling as I do when my dog greets me.) I know, I know,  I probably have many years of therapy ahead of me for that last statement alone. My husband, bless his ever-loving, patient heart, understands this about me and continues to love me despite my many foibles & quirks, and for that I say “Praise the Lord.”

My motto when it comes to pets, is the more the merrier!  But must be practical. There is only one of me, and so many cold, wet noses to kiss….oh the possibilities! I wholeheartedly confident that I am up for the challenge.



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Please excuse us while we get this blog up and running… Check back soon for our live blog!


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